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"Photography" is a compound Latin word which means writing with light. <br />
"Photoyogi" would describe a person who works with Light.

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Photography is a compound Latin word which means "Writing with Light". I have derived my name as "Photoyogi" which means "A person who works with Light". I am a full time industrial photographer based in Bengaluru, India.

My primary focus is towards Architectural, Fashion, Product, Industrial, and Advertising photography. I also do Corporate Photography, Candid Photography, and informal family portraits. My love for photography also extend into the space of aviation and travel, though they are more passion driven.

I have been brought up with cameras all around me, thanks to my father. I have grown up learning the technology behind traditional film camera and manual darkroom  processing and the learning still continues through today's modern camera equipment.

My focus runs through every single detail in the subject without any compromises to quality. My vision is to create portraits that speak for themselves. This is the differentiator that has made me a full time photographer from my previous avatar of being a techie-geek.

I am a founding member of Aviation Photographers India (API) and have mentored members. I conduct frequent photography workshops to teach novice photographers the basics of photography. My session covers the basics of photography, basics of camera equipment, getting the best images out of your camera, and different ways of post processing them. I also conduct outdoor shoots where I share techniques behind different scenes, say panning, twilight photography and so on. If you are keen on attending any of these workshops/sessions, you can get in touch with me through the information present in the Contact page.

I was born and have been educated in Bangalore, As a qualified Mechanical Engineer. I spend my spare time in my garden and am very passionate about it. I Love the wind through my hair, and ride an Enfield Classic 500. My dream would be to ride into the wilderness of the Himalayas someday. Am married to Priya, A fantastic dentist who works harder when am off on my photo shoots :-) My son Vishal has to be the the inspiration to me taking to Child portraits. You can get in touch with me through the contact page or call me on +91-988-052-4825.

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